Re-doing yarn braids

So….I had to re-do my yarn braids last night. My hair had grown so much since I got them done a little over 5 weeks ago. Since I matched my dyed hair to the yarn color, I had black roots and reddish-brown braids. Not a good look, I know.

I knew that YouTube was a great resource. So I googled yarn braids, and found blackonyx77’s videos.

Let me tell you, it took me forever to figure out how to attach the yarn at the root. I have never attached extensions to hair before.

A search on YouTube generated several methods, including the two strand method and the three strand method. Many people on YouTube talked about using the three strand method in the back and the two strand method in the front. But I guess it depends on your preference.

Personally, I found the two strand method easier to learn as a beginner. I was only able to re-do the first two rows because of time limitations. But here are some pictures.


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