Black Tie Fancy

Over the weekend, I attended a black tie event in Tucker, GA for a school in the Sierra Leone. As the day approached, I became more and more nervous. You see, as long as I’ve been natural (6 years), I have never been to a formal event.I’m too old for proms, and the closest thing I had been to was a few weddings.

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I did not know what to do with my hair, and did not just want to wear twists or a twist-out to the event. I consulted my stylist Nya (formerly of Deeply Rooted), and picked out a loc updo. My stylist assured me that she could do it. We won’t even get into the difference between the loc style and my hair, but I will post pictures of this flat twist updo she did so you can see it. Overall, I like it. But I don’t think that I will keep it in much longer.

  1. I think that it is a nice classic style. The style almost has a braid/cornrow type of look, and love the pattern. I hope you enjoyed the event. You have a lot of hair.

  2. Vonnie said:

    oh my gosh, you look so pretty!! very elegant 😀

    for the lemon juice, I put a little in my hand and just pat the straight lemon juice on my face (nellie & joe’s brand so there aren’t many additives, check that the lemon juice is pretty much straight up lemon juice/lemon oil), wait for it to dry, then put on a honey moisturizer (honey works with lemon to work for the skin) mixed with my clinique spot corrector. seems to be working 😀 Lemon juice is supposed to help with dark spots along with acne. so i use a lemon/citrus cleanser and then the lemon juice straight up

    • Thank you Vonnie. I could benefit from some assistance with dark spots so I’ll have to give this a try.

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