My hair she-ro

Who is your hair inspiration? I did not know until I watched Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion. In that movie, I saw one of the most beautiful African American actresses with absolutely gorgeous tresses. Her name is Lisa Arrindell Anderson, and she has been in a number of Tyler Perry movies, plays, and tv shows. In Madea’s Family Reunion, she played Vanessa (the sister with two children who ends up falling in love with Boris Kodjoe).

Source: Black Tress Chronicles

However, her body of work encompasses more than just Tyler Perry movies. It includes Clockers, Having Our Say: The Delany Sister’s First 100 Years, and A Lesson Before Dying, among others. Whether it be two strand twists, elegant updos, or twist-outs, her hair is always fierce. What I wouldn’t pay to know her hair and body routine.

    • I definitely love her hair. It’s so thick and healthy. I think I’ll have to add her to my list.

  1. eriebird7 said:

    I know! Her arms and back are in great shape! The face on her skin is flawless!! I have been searching the web to try and find out about her diet, skincare and exercise routine and it is if she does not even exist!!! No information anywhere. That is so sad as she is a great actress with flawless skin and beautiful arms and shoulders. I would kill to know what she puts on her face because her skin looks so smooth and even! Lisa Arrindell Anderson, you are beautiful! Help a sista out.

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