Amaryn’s Thai Bowl and Sushi — Review

Recently, I was taken out to dinner at Amaryn’s Thai Bowl and Sushi in Downtown Decatur. This restaurant had teamed with Scoutmob to offer 50% off your check. A list of menu highlights includes:

Massaman Curry, $9.95

Pad Thai, $9.50

Broccoli Beef, $9.95

Tom Yum Seafood Noodle Bowl, $13.95

Ginger Sea Bass, $15.95

Spider Roll, $13.75

Rainbow Roll, $11.75

Spicy Tuna Roll, $4.00

Yummi Yummi Roll, $12.75

I ordered a chicken in peanut dish bowl. Our food came out quickly, which I was excited about. However, much to my dismay, the food was cold. And I don’t mean lukewarm, I mean cold. If that wasn’t bad enough, the dish was not good. There were about 2 pieces of carrots, 2 pieces of broccoli, and 2 pieces of corn. This was coupled with a mound of white rice and pieces of chicken breast smothered in a heavy peanut sauce. The taste left a lot to be desired as well as the presentation of the dish itself. Since I love food so much, it was very disappointing to eat food that I could have easily prepared myself. Although my companion’s food was decent (he ordered cashew chicken), I definitely will not be patronizing this establishment again.


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