Nappy Rutz Earrings

Several months ago, I attended a Meetup for Atlanta Naturally Fierce. While there, I met a friendly black female entrepreneur with beautiful hair. She sells beautiful earrings that range from $13-$40.

Exotic Turquoise Rhombus $30
She’s lightweight and diamond shaped. Who wouldn’t want diamonds in their
lives? Choose this pair and see heads turn. She’s versatile and blue on the opposite side.
Also available in burnt orange,white,black and moss green.

To order: send an email to nappy_rutz@yahoo

Tri-peacock cut (Hot Pink) $23
She’s hot, hot pink that is and reversible! Light on the ears and sure to make you fly. She’s also available in orange, blue or yellow. Get yours while they last. To order: send an email to

Back to my Rῡtz Earring and Bangle Set $55
She’s unique and sure to keep you true to your Rῡtz! Earrings extremely light on the ears. No two pair are alike.
Earrings seperately are $25

Join her Nappy Rutz page:

Nappy Inspired T-shirts and handmade earrings designed with a Natural woman in mind!

Don’t Follow Trends, Set Trends with Nappy Rutz!
Cherie Huff ~ Nappy Rútz® Check her out here

Cherie is offering Free Shipping on orders over $30 to my readers! Tell her you heard about Nappy Rutz here!

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be featured? LET ME KNOW!


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