The Dangers of the Brazilian Blowout

This is scary. I found this article in Time magazine about the dangers of getting a Brazilian Blowout. Apparently, high (and potentially dangerous) levels of formaldehyde were discovered by U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in salons using “some hair smoothing and straightening products, including the Brazilian Blowout brand. (Formaldehyde helps bind keratin to hair, straightening it.)” According to the article, several startling reactions were reported by both clients and salon staff, including hair loss, allergic reactions, nosebleeds, eye irritations to the release of formaldehyde by these products. Brazilian Blowout, and other similar products, have already been pulled off the shelves in Canada!

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  1. Elise J. Hughes said:

    According to the most take their own experts’ is an important reason why people are losing their hair and nature conservation and shine due from the hair will lose keratin fibres.
    This keratin fibres person is responsible for providing radiantly bright, soft and float hair. This is what the brazilian blowout in Sydney.
    Also some people might think that the fragile and restore mess hair is out of date. Last, but technological innovation, you can be sure that people can see substantial results after the right.

  2. I agree. Based on my research, it seems like the onus is primarily on salon owners and stylists to do the Brazilian blowout process safely. Done incorrectly, these side effects named in the Times article are possible. I wonder though, how much of the onus should be on the client to research this prior to getting it done? Yes, we must be careful about our hair and what we put in it. But at the end of the day, I have doubts about whether the potential costs outweigh the benefits. I’ll be the first to tell you: my hair is long, thick, and happily nappy. It takes just the right amount of heat, the right product, and the right flat iron to get it straight. For now, I’ll pass on the Brazilian blowout.

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