The Beauty Within: Dead Prez and the portrayal of natural hair in the media

With so many videos trotting out models with $1K weaves and lacefronts, it was refreshing to see Stic.Man and M1 of Dead Prez’ tribute to the natural haired sistas, “The Beauty Within”. It flips B.O.Bs “Nothing on You”, which I’m sure you’ve heard countless times on radio, but shows that despite what we THINK the brothers are looking for in a woman’s appearance, it’s those that display their beauty naturally that get the most second looks.

The media’s acceptance of natural hair as an option for Black women is definitely moving in the right direction with videos like Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” which I posted here, and more natural haired models being featured in ad campaigns by the likes of companies such as American Appparel. With natural hair getting a coveted cosign from mainstream American media, will this open the door for more sisters to go natural in their day to day? Do you think if a major celebrity, say a Beyonce or JHud came out the “hair closet” some folks would think twice about their next hair appointment? Does the media even have an effect on how you or others view their beauty regimen? Let’s talk about it….Spin the video again, but don’t expect to see it on MTV anytime soon. Ciao!!

Dead Prez “The Beauty Within” from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.

  1. Anonymous said:

    I absolutely love this video and this song. It is such an inspiration to natural women and women who are transitioning or even thinking about transitioning. I definitely think that natural hair women are beginning to get a lot more positive media attention which is great. I have also noticed just in my city that most of the women here are natural. For me it stems from a desire to be more natural and organic in my everyday life. I have started buying more local foods from the farmer’s market and trying to buy more organic and natural beauty and hair products. I am enjoying my journey to becoming more natural in my whole life, not just with my hair.

  2. I totally agree. I find natural women in the media (and in our neighborhoods) empowering and inspiring. Like you, once I went natural, I really started thinking about how what I put in my body and in my hair affected me. It pushed me to start eating more healthy foods and limit alcohol consumption. Now, after doing my 21 day vegetarian challenge, I know that vegetarianism is not in my future; however, I do plan on incorporating more vegetarian meals into my diet (but I prefer to think of it more like a lifestyle change).

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