T.G.I. Friday’s Pre Mixed Cocktails Advertisement with natural hair model

So…again. I was listening to my Mint Condition Pandora radio station online. It is jamming, by the way. It’s like my old school R&B station. It plays Levert, Guy, Hi-Five, Mint Condition, Toni Tony Tone, etc.

And another advertisement popped up. I immediately perked up, because I saw yet another model that could be me! One with natural hair (see the model on the left). This particular ad was marketing T.G.I. Friday’s Pre-Mixed cocktails.

Until the next ad strikes me, I’m out!

1 comment
  1. Amber said:

    I wonder if Pandora looks at your internet browsing history and tailors the ads to users…kind of like FB does? maybe they’re giving you lots of natural hair ads on purpose…?

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