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With so many videos trotting out models with $1K weaves and lacefronts, it was refreshing to see Stic.Man and M1 of Dead Prez’ tribute to the natural haired sistas, “The Beauty Within”. It flips B.O.Bs “Nothing on You”, which I’m sure you’ve heard countless times on radio, but shows that despite what we THINK the brothers are looking for in a woman’s appearance, it’s those that display their beauty naturally that get the most second looks.

The media’s acceptance of natural hair as an option for Black women is definitely moving in the right direction with videos like Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” which I posted here, and more natural haired models being featured in ad campaigns by the likes of companies such as American Appparel. With natural hair getting a coveted cosign from mainstream American media, will this open the door for more sisters to go natural in their day to day? Do you think if a major celebrity, say a Beyonce or JHud came out the “hair closet” some folks would think twice about their next hair appointment? Does the media even have an effect on how you or others view their beauty regimen? Let’s talk about it….Spin the video again, but don’t expect to see it on MTV anytime soon. Ciao!!

Dead Prez “The Beauty Within” from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.

My favorite discount/hook-up/great deal resource has added 10 new cities to its roster!!! Scoutmob is now available in:

1. Austin
2. Boston
3. Chicago
4. Dallas
5. Denver
6. Los Angeles
7. Nashville
8. Portland
9. Seattle, and
10. Washington, D.C.

Check it out.

I recently sung the praises of With Scoutmob, I was able to find these fabulous shoes at Cherry Bomb Boutique in Atlanta. Instead of $44, I only paid $22 because the Scoutmob deal allowed you to take 50% off.

If not, you need to start. Truthfully, I don’t go out to eat without first checking if Scoutmob is available. If you don’t know, let me clue you in.  Just like Groupon, Scoutmob is a site that releases daily deals (always at 50% off) for restaurants, bars, clubs, and clothing stores. It’s available in the following cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Springfield, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, and Boston. Unlike Groupon, you do not have to pay for the daily deal! Instead, you can download a free application for your IPhone or Android. If you don’t have one of these phone types, then you can request the deal via email on a daily basis. The only downside to email is that you must request it. With an app, you can scroll through all past deals, whether or not you requested them.

Imagine this: You live in Atlanta, and you have a craving for some good food. You pull out your IPhone (I’m a Mac) and you search for New, Nearby, or Expiring deals. Lo and behold, you find a deal for Cafe Circa. Excitedly, you check out the deal. 50% off your total check, with a maximum discount of $20. Meaning, if you spent $60, your bill (with Scoutmob) will be $40. If you spend $40, then your bill (with Scoutmob) would be 20 bucks. A 15% gratuity may be added at Cafe Circa. But hey, you saved money. You dine, enjoying your food. Before the server brings the bill, you say, “I’d like to use Scoutmob”. People around you may turn and look, confused. “Scoutmob? What the heck is a Scoutmob?” But you don’t let that bother you. You know why? Because that’s when the server goes through a series of quick selections on your phone, and you get the deal!*

Now, here is a cautionary note. There may be a stated or hidden fee/condition. This is not often the case, but it may happen. It happened to me. Cafe Circa’s deal is stated, but I recently used the Cherry Bomb Scoutmob discount for Atlanta, and was promptly told (before my card was charged) that my items were not returnable. I asked if that was because I used Scoutmob, and she said yes. Nowhere in the deal did it say that by using Scoutmob, you wouldn’t be able to return your items if you changed your mind. Another example: I went to Pure Taqueria in Atlanta, and used Scoutmob. We ate, used our Scoutmob discount, checked out the receipt, and saw that the maximum discount was not taken. When we questioned the server about it, she said that the discount did not apply to Happy Hour drinks. Again, nowhere in the deal was that stated.

If nothing else, at least try it. What can it hurt? It didn’t cost you anything, you didn’t lose anything. You actually saved money.

Check it out.

Here’s some pics of my fish tacos and delicious, mouth watering (and strong!) mango margarita from Pure Taqueria.

Recently, I was taken out to dinner at Amaryn’s Thai Bowl and Sushi in Downtown Decatur. This restaurant had teamed with Scoutmob to offer 50% off your check. A list of menu highlights includes:

Massaman Curry, $9.95

Pad Thai, $9.50

Broccoli Beef, $9.95

Tom Yum Seafood Noodle Bowl, $13.95

Ginger Sea Bass, $15.95

Spider Roll, $13.75

Rainbow Roll, $11.75

Spicy Tuna Roll, $4.00

Yummi Yummi Roll, $12.75

I ordered a chicken in peanut dish bowl. Our food came out quickly, which I was excited about. However, much to my dismay, the food was cold. And I don’t mean lukewarm, I mean cold. If that wasn’t bad enough, the dish was not good. There were about 2 pieces of carrots, 2 pieces of broccoli, and 2 pieces of corn. This was coupled with a mound of white rice and pieces of chicken breast smothered in a heavy peanut sauce. The taste left a lot to be desired as well as the presentation of the dish itself. Since I love food so much, it was very disappointing to eat food that I could have easily prepared myself. Although my companion’s food was decent (he ordered cashew chicken), I definitely will not be patronizing this establishment again.

So…it’s been a minute since I’ve featured an entrepreneur of the week. After some searching, I found one. This entrepreneur features hair accessories for women with natural hair. Her products include twists, hair ties, earrings, jewelry, bows, hairbands, bracelets, hair sticks, and hair clips. I really love her stuff because she has something for everyone. Here is one of her pieces, called Thing Four. It costs $18, and right now, she’s offering free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

Want to be featured? Just let me know!